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ADT-600P4G300 4 aixs scara robot 

As a leader of motion control solution supplier in China, ADTECH will not satisfied with motion control platform
and application solution field leader achievement, base on mature motion control platform developing 4-axis
SCARA robot,6-axis degree robot and so on industrial robot series, especially the 6-axis robot which developed
with HYUNDAI together, is ADTECH’s star product in motion control equipment field;
So far, ADTECH series robot can applying for carry, assemble, welding, spray etc. Sophisticated industrial;
Nowadays, ADTECH has became the unique supplier who include motion control basis products, CNC industry
application solution and motion control equipment’s motion control brand, build up leader status in domestic



High precision and stability;

Convenient、friendly and tersely operation;
Abundantly example demonstration, induce customer develop various kinds of application software system base
on motion controller;
Super store space;
Kinds of control modes;
Can be use as a complete industrial personal computer;
Strong internet function: RS-232、RS-485, Ethernet communication function;

Strong extended function, low cost of upgrading.








Metal processing industry: press up and down, CNC up-down material, workpiece polishing and deburring;

Electronic industry: The assembly, test of IC chips handling, spot welding, PCBA solder, glue, screws, plug-in, workpiece polishing.

Automobile, motorcycle parts industry: carrying, glue, spot welding;

LED and LCD glass industry: glass carrying, LCM module assembly, silicon wafers, display of handling;

Laser industry: spot welding, cutting,

Electrical appliances industry: home appliances product assembly, handling, a screw;

Scientific research areas: teaching students, school scientific research and development.

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